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Schedule bird removal services in Clinton, Brandon, Madison & Jackson, MS

Has an owl or a hawk set up camp in your warehouse? Do you have a songbird on your porch that wakes you up every morning hours before your shift begins? Whatever the case may be, you can turn to The Critter Catcher to get rid of your birds in Clinton, Brandon, Madison,Gulfport, & Jackson, MS and surrounding areas.

Our team will go out of our way to relocate the birds you need removed safely. We can also provide netting services to keep birds from getting back in. Call 601-966-5539 right now to set up bird removal services.

Don't let the birds outstay their welcome

Trying to get rid of birds? Don't worry-The Critter Catcher has you covered. You can count on us for exclusion services to remover whatever birds you have in your home or business building quickly. Talk to us about removing:




Canadian geese



You can trust The Critter Catcher to remove birds from your place and take proper exclusion measurements to keep them out. It may be necessary to obtain permits from state or federal wildlife agencies before exclusion of any animals. Contact us right now for bird removal services in Raymond, MS.