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Choose The Critter Catcher for wildlife removal service in Clinton, Brandon, Madison & Jackson, MS

Wildlife may be beautiful to observe in the wilderness, but they can be a nuisance if they get indoors. Don't let a family of raccoons, squirrels or other critters make a home inside of your house. Let The Critter Catcher perform wildlife removal for your Clinton, Brandon, Madison,Gulfport, & Jackson, MS home.

Our expert crew can set humane traps for nearly any type of wildlife. Once caught, we can safely remove them from your home and release them back into the wild.

Don't risk your own safety trying to get rid of a critter. Turn to us for wildlife removal service, performed by professionals in Raymond, Jackson, Brandon & Madison, MS.

What can we remove from your home?

At The Critter Catcher, we know how to lure and remove a wide variety of wild animals. You can count on us for removal of:

Mammals, such as rodents and raccoons

Birds, including hawks and songbirds

Reptiles, like lizard and snakes

Insects, including wasps and hornets

We make wildlife removal simple and quick. Call us today to schedule wildlife removal service.