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If there's one thing you don't need in your home, it's another furry creature shedding its fur or getting its droppings everywhere. As cute as some of them may be, wild mammals are not great house-guests. That's why The Critter Catcher provides wildlife removal service in Raymond, Jackson, Brandon & Madison, MS.

We know how to remove any local mammal that may have crept its way into your home. Our team is fast and effective, and we take measures to keep your critter safe. Once captured, we'll relocate them far away from you.

If you have rats causing a ruckus at your restaurant, foxes fiddling around your farm or skunks stinking up your schoolyard, you can count on The Critter Catcher to handle your pest problem.

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What kind of mammal do you need removed?

The Critter Catcher is here to clear your home of unwanted mammals (we'll let the cats, dogs and gerbils stay). Get ahold of us if you need to remove:











Don't wait around for wildlife removal service as many of these animals are potentially dangerous, especially if they feel threatened. Contact us right away to set up critter removal service in Clinton, Brandon, Madison,Gulfport, & Jackson, MS.