Get rid of nasty odors with dead animal removal services in Clinton, Brandon, Madison & Jackson, MS

Dead animals can become trapped in your walls, attic or crawl space. Even if you can't reach them, you can certainly smell them. The sooner you hire The Critter Catcher for dead animal disposal services, the sooner you'll get rid of the problem. If you wait too long, your entire house could start to stink.

When you need dead animal removal in the Clinton, Brandon, Madison,Gulfport, & Jackson, MS areas, we're a top choice. Contact us today to learn more about dead animal odor removal services.

3 signs you may need to schedule dead animal disposal

A powerful bad odor can make it easy to tell you need dead animal removal service, but some signs are more difficult to spot. Call us right away if you notice:

  • 1.A bad smell coming from vents
  • 2.Evidence of bug infestation
  • 3.Dark blotches on the wall or ceiling

We'll work around your schedule to perform the dead animal disposal as quickly as possible. We'll also sanitize the area and remove any lingering bad smells. Don't wait to get the pest removal services you need.