We're a pest removal company that does a thorough job in Raymond, Jackson, Brandon & Madison, MS

If you have pests living in your attic, they'll pee and poop all over. Bacteria and viruses can contaminate insulation, and they'll only multiply from there. This is why it's so important to hire a qualified professional for pest removal services. For homeowners in the Clinton, Brandon, Madison,Gulfport, & Jackson, MS areas, The Critter Catcher is a go-to pest removal company.

Not only will we remove any unpleasant odors, but we'll also clean and sanitize the area to kill any harmful bacteria that may be left behind. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

What is attic fumigation, and when should you get it?

Attic fumigation is a treatment pest control companies can use to kill off bacteria and viruses left by animals. Attic fumigation services help:

  • Get rid of bad smells
  • Kill harmful bacteria
  • Remove feces and urine

If you aren't sure if these services are right for you, we're happy to go over all your options with you. Call today to speak with a one of our experienced team members.